039: How Songwriters Write Songs

Ever wonder how your favorite song came to be? On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with worship leaders Aric Harding and Tanner Smith about collaboration and the creative process that goes into writing a song. They also discuss the story behind Clear Creek Community Church’s latest song “Fighting Words.”


Fighting Words Music Video

Clear Creek Community Church Music

037: Go Outside – Worshiping God in Nature

Are you experiencing cabin fever? In this season where many of us have spent more time than usual at home, you’ve probably felt the urge to go outside and enjoy the world around us. On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Greg Poore about enjoying God’s creation as a way to worship him. So go outside, take a walk as you listen to this episode, and gain a greater appreciation for God’s fingerprints on everyday life.



Becoming Worldly Saints by Michael Wittmer

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

All My Hope


The song “All My Hope” by David Crowder was sung during our online service of Clear Creek Community Church located in the Bay Area of Houston, TX.

To view the full service, visit https://youtu.be/0yHm83WlL6U

For more ways to participate in our online service in this season, go to clearcreek.org

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Fighting Words

Our Arts Team has gotten creative during this time to offer some encouragement during this COVID-19 crisis.

In the first week we were meeting remotely as a church, our lead pastor Bruce Wesley challenged us all to share encouragement.

The clearest encouragement that we can stand on consists of the promises of God in his word. These promises and truths of God are our #fightingwords, against that which would bring confusion and fear. Now is the time to remind everyone of the truth and power of the Gospel in this season of trouble.

This is a song that has been 95% done for months now, but it seems as if God had the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle in his hand.

Good Grief Week 1 (Full Service)

This is the online service of Clear Creek Community Church located in the Bay Area of Houston, TX.
For more ways to participate in our online service in this season, go to www.clearcreek.org/covid19 To find out more information about or church, go to www.clearcreek.org.
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The church, our church, is a collection of backgrounds, loves, family histories, races, and passions, but all of these not only intersect at Christ but intertwine and tie us to one family, one faith, one story. Our prayer is that these songs become threads in the ties that hold us together and give us a common language, a corporate response, and a reminder that none of us walk this life alone.

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1. The Strength of My Heart (feat. Courtney Ricketts)


2. Heaven’s Mystery (feat. Aric Harding)


3. The Lord’s Prayer (feat. Brad Loser)


4. Everlasting (feat. JJ Cole)


5. You Saved Me


Why Do We Worship Together?

001: On Corporate Worship

In our inaugural episode, Yancey Arrington, Aaron Lutz, Courtney Ricketts, and Brad Loser spend some time chatting about our latest sermon series entitled “Together” where we learned about the power and practice of Corporate Worship hitting upon some ideas we weren’t able to address in the series as well as dig a little deeper on those we did.

Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren

Preaching That Moves People

“This book isn’t a book of pragmatics but wisdom wrung from experience and the disciplined pursuit of God.” – Matt Chandler

Dr. Yancey Arrington says the reason many preachers don’t connect with their congregants isn’t because they haven’t thought through the message, but because they haven’t felt through it. In this practical guide for preachers of churches big and small, Arrington offers an innovative and effective paradigm based on his years of coaching preachers that brings the best to bear in both the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of the preaching event. Be prepared to better preach in a way that moves people!

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