061: Mission-Minded Family

As disciples of Jesus, we are all missionaries, sent to proclaim salvation in Jesus! However, talking to others about faith can be intimidating for many adults. So, what should our expectations be for our kids? What about children who do not believe? How can we center our family and our purpose in God’s love for us? On this episode, Rachel sits down with Lance Lawson and Jason Norcross to discuss these questions and more.


Children’s Ministry Curriculum & Resources

Clear Creek Children YouTube Channel

Who’s in the Bible: A Podcast for Kids

“Few American Teens Share the Gospel. Here’s How to Help Them” by Joe Carter


060: Leading Worship in a Pandemic + Album Release

Now that all Clear Creek campuses have returned to in-person services, what has this season taught us about worship and music? On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Aric Harding and JJ Cole about what they have learned and some of the new projects the Arts Teams has worked on, including a new EP album entitled “True Love.”


“True Love” on Apple Music, Spotify

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23: Judges

In this episode, Aric convinces Lance to take another trip in the Back in Time Bus to visit some of the Judges of ancient Israel, and at least one of them immediately regrets that decision.


059: The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, or modern day slavery, is one of the darkest realities in our world; a reality that we hope to bring light to as Christians. But how? In this episode, Rachel Chester talks to Kirsta Melton and Mallory Vincent – two attorneys who have been fighting this battle for decades – about what human trafficking looks like, where it is found, and how we can be part of the solution.




22: Joshua

Next up in the story of Israel, a new leader, a secretive spy mission, and a big choice about the future. Check out this episode of Who’s in the Bible!

058: Returning to In-Person Worship Services

Beginning October 11, all Clear Creek Community Church campuses will return to in-person worship services! What will it be like? What about those who aren’t ready to return? On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Yancey Arrington and Aaron Lutz about what they’ve learned over the last 217 days since the last services, what they’re excited about, and how we can remain unified even though not everyone is ready to return.


Episode 035: The Blessings and Dangers of Technology When Everything Goes Online

21: Aaron

God gave Moses instructions to build a beautiful tent and to have the Levites to serve as priests. Find out what special role Moses’ brother Aaron had in this episode.

057: Christians in Sports

Whether you are an athlete, a fan, or a parent coaching soccer on the weekends, sports are a constant in our world. They bring us joy, discipline, and some of our most meaningful relationships, but they can also present challenges as disciples of Jesus. On this episode, Rachel Chester talks with former Texas A&M baseball player John Scheschuk and former sports journalist Jon Coffey about the great gifts of sports and how to navigate the obstacles they bring.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Discipline of Christian Disciplines

20: The Israelites

God had a special relationship with the Israelites in the Old Testament because they were his chosen people. On this episode, Aric and Lance continue reading the Israelite’s story in Exodus and talk about who God’s special people are today.


056: Sharing the Gospel in Everyday Life

Does the idea of bringing up your faith at work, at the ball fields, or in your neighbor’s driveway make you anxious? What if they get turned off or ask you a question you can’t answer? Evangelism (or sharing the good news of the gospel) doesn’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. It can be a joyful experience to be used by God and it can happen naturally, anytime, anywhere. On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Aaron Chester about sharing the gospel in everyday life.


Go & Multiply: Sharing the Gospel in Word and Deed by Clear Creek Resources

The Heart of Evangelism by Jerram Barrs

Gospel 101: Learning, Living, and Sharing the Gospel by Jeff Dodge

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer