048: Multiplying Leaders in the Church, Workplace, and Home

On this episode, Ryan talks with Chris Alston, the Director of Leadership Development at Clear Creek Community Church, about how to multiply leaders in every realm of life. Whether it’s in the church, at your work, or in your home, Chris shares his model for raising up leaders of character who not only lead with courage and conviction, but who focus on raising up more leaders for the future.


“Leadership from the Inside Out: Examining the Inner Life of a Healthy Church Leader”, Kevin Harney (Self Leadership)

“The Secret of Teams: What Great Teams Know and Do”, Mark Miller (Team Leadership)

“The Multiplication Effect: Building a Leadership Pipeline”, Mac Lake (Organizational Leadership)



047: Empty Nest – Preparing Your Kids and Marriage for the Next Stage

You might be looking forward to it or be saddened by it, but one day it’ll be here. Those precious kids will move out and move on to adulthood. Being an empty-nester brings new found freedom but the transition into the next stage can be difficult. On this episode, Mark and Lisa Carden share what they learned about marriage and parenting when their kids were in the house and how they prepared for the launching of their kids into the real world.


God’s Design for Sex series by Stan Jones, Brenna Jones, Carolyn Nystrom

Parenting by Paul Tripp

What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp

046: Ask Your Pastor (Session 1)

Do you have questions you wish you could ask your pastor? Like, why don’t we display crosses on our buildings? Why do we care so much about baptism? How should we think about politics as the church? Rachel Chester asks Yancey Arrington some of these common questions posed to pastors at Clear Creek Community Church in the first session of Ask Your Pastor.


Awaiting the King by James K. A. Smith

045: Anger in the Streets (and in Our Hearts)

You’ve seen it in the news. It fills your social media feed. But the most troubling place to find it is in your home and in your heart. In a season filled with many emotions, there is one that seems to be everywhere today — anger. On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen is joined by Bruce Wesley to discuss what anger is, where it comes from, and how to overcome it before it destroys us all.


A Small Book about a Big Problem by Edward Welch

Good and Angry by David Powlison

A Gentle Answer by Scott Sauls

044: New Testament, New God?

Have you wondered if God changed from the Old Testament to the New? Sometimes people might remark that he seems angry and wrathful in the Old Testament but loving and forgiving in the New Testament. Rachel Chester sits down with Yancey Arrington to discuss how we should approach Scripture with this question, what the Bible reveals about the character of God, and how all of this is fully revealed and explained in Jesus.





043: Dad Life – Leading and Loving Your Kids

In light of Father’s Day, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Aaron Lutz and Aric Harding about the fun times and awkward conversations that come with being a dad. They discuss how they lead their family when it comes to technology, discipline, and the priority of their marriage and relationship with Jesus.

They also tell some classic dad jokes.


The Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley

Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes

Tender Warrior by Stu Weber


16: Season 1 Recap

A look back at Season 1 of Who’s in the Bible? with highlights, what we’ve learned, and a few things you can expect in Season 2.


042: 272 Days in Space – The Drew & Stacey Morgan Story

What’s it like to travel 115.3 million miles at 17,000 mph orbiting the earth? What’s it like to watch a tiny white light move across the sky and know your husband is on that light? On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Drew and Stacey Morgan about his nine-month stay on the International Space Station. They discuss the life of an astronaut, the view from space, what God taught their family, and the importance of community. And Drew tells us what he really thinks about the freeze-dried astronaut ice cream in the Space Center Houston gift shop.


NASA TV Broadcast of the April 17 Landing

Drew’s View from Space

Interested in Small Group?

15: Joseph, pt. 2

Genesis concludes with the story of Joseph in Egypt. Far from his family and stuck in prison. What will happen?


041: The Sanctuary – Hope and Healing in Foster Care

God calls on his people throughout Scripture to protect the vulnerable and care for orphans. The Sanctuary offers a new kind of foster care service, designed to create healing, hope, and permanency for children and families.



Harding Adoption Story Podcast

Clear Creek Care & Support