072: Christian Nationalism

On January 6, in what has been called an insurrection, coup, and an assault on our democracy, protestors stormed, vandalized, and looted the U.S. Capitol building during a joint session of Congress. Five people died during the event, or shortly afterward, including one Capitol police officer. As Americans we are appalled at what took place. As Christians we are additionally troubled because peppered throughout the crowds, for all the world to see, were crosses, signs reading “Jesus Saves”, and Christian flags. But what did this insurrection have to do with Jesus? On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Bruce Wesley and Yancey Arrington about Christian Nationalism and how followers of Jesus should respond to this movement.


Let’s Talk about “Christian Nationalism”

Christian Nationalism vs. Christian Patriotism

071: Is This the End Times?

2020 was a year filled with political division, natural disasters, health crises, and unprecedented challenges to the church. The Bible seems to describe a period of turmoil that directly precedes the return of Christ. Are we living in that time? What does the Bible really describe? How do we respond as Christians? On this episode, Rachel Chester talks with Yancey Arrington about how to understand Revelation and what it means for us today.


The Bible and The Future by Anthony Hoekema

Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright

No, The Vaccination Isn’t The Mark of the Beast by Yancey Arrington

070: The Year In Review and What’s Coming Next

2020 is over and 2021 is here! But as we look ahead to the hope of new beginnings and the eventual waning of COVID-19, it’s important to remember where we’ve been on this wild journey. Jon Coffey sits down with Ryan Lehtinen and Rachel Chester to talk about the good, the bad, and the lessons we learned last year, as well as taking a look at some of the Clear Creek Resources content we have to look forward to in 2021.



The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

Who’s in the Bible? A Podcast for Kids

026: Following Christ as a NASA Flight Surgeon

052: Christianity and Mental Health

057: Christians in Sports

062: Cancel Culture

5 Reflections on Life After an Election

The Violin Boys: How Four Brothers are Spreading Joy Amidst COVID-19


069: This Changes Everything – The Austin Webber Story

What if you had everything you ever wanted – your dream job, lots of money, a large house, and an expensive car – but you still felt empty? As Austin Webber found himself in that very place, he was challenged to read the Bible for himself. What started as a way to use his skills as a lawyer to disprove a faith he discarded long ago, ended with a confrontation with a truth he could no longer deny. On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Austin about how Jesus changes everything.



28: 2020 – Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Aric and Lance close out 2020 with a question most of us wonder about at times: why do bad things happen?

068: God With Us

How is it possible that a baby in a manger is the God who creates, saves, and reigns? Why does God’s presence with us even matter? Rachel Chester sits down with Jenna Kraft, Tiffany Ravedutti, and Mandy Turner to talk about our God who rules all and dwells among us, and why this changes everything.


Christmas Eve Service Times & Locations

Interactive Advent Devotional

27: David & Goliath

A fight between an armored warrior and a shepherd boy with a hiking stick and sling doesn’t seem fair. But what if we’ve been focused on the wrong details in this Old Testament story? What if the story of David and Goliath is really a story about Saul? Find out more in this episode of Who’s in the Bible.

067: A Very COVID Christmas

For many people, this Christmas season is very different because 2020 gave us the gift of a global pandemic and all the trappings something like that comes with. In addition to the normal challenges and distractions of the holiday season many are facing isolation, job insecurity, mental health, and marriage issues. While this will be a very different Christmas, there is a silver lining. On this episode Ryan Lehtinen, Aaron Lutz, and Lance Lawson discuss the unique challenges that many people are facing this Christmas season, and how we can have hope even when things aren’t the way they normally are. They also reveal their favorite Christmas cookie, least favorite movie, and whether they’ve actually kissed someone under mistletoe.


Christmas Eve Service Times & Locations

Interactive Advent Devotional

Clear Creek Care & Support


26: Saul

Israel finally gets a king! Will King Saul lead the people to follow God or will he lead his own way? Find out in this episode of Who’s in the Bible.


066: Stories of Generosity

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming. It’s officially the holiday season. And with that comes lots of talk about gift giving and generosity. But what is biblical generosity and what does it look like? Is it something special we do this time of the year? Is it simply tithing? Or is it something even more? On this episode, Jon Coffey sits down with two representatives from Clear Creek’s Generosity Team, Matthew Horne and Nicole Daniel, to talk about the concept of Whole-Life Generosity, and hear real stories of people from Clear Creek Community Church putting it into action in order to reflect the generosity God first showed to us.


God and Money by Gregory Baumer and John Cortines

22 Ways to Live Whole-life Generosity During Tough Times (article)