144: A Conversation with an Enneagram 1 & 2

Do you consistently see things that could be improved?

Do you need to be needed but struggle to express your own needs?

On this episode, Aaron Lutz talks with Sarah Beth Dikun and Abby Willis about what it’s like to see the world through the lens of an Enneagram 1 and Enneagram 2, respectively.

But more importantly, how can the Enneagram be used as a tool to more faithfully follow Jesus?

143: A Conversation with an Enneagram 3

Have you ever wondered why your spouse or friend reacts so differently than you to the same event?

Or, why we all keep struggling with the same fears and obstacles in our spiritual life?

Rachel Chester sits down with Bruce Wesley and Aaron Lutz to discuss the personality type profile, the Enneagram.

They answer how this can be a helpful tool as we try to love others well and grow as disciples of Jesus.

Bruce and Aaron also give us a glimpse into their own personalities and perspectives as Enneagram 3s.

142: A Conversation with Ryan Lehtinen

If Ryan Lehtinen wasn’t the pastor of the Egret Bay Campus, what would he do?

What’s his favorite food?

What are his plans for his sabbatical this summer?

On this episode Lance Lawson talked with Ryan before he went on sabbatical about his family, his passions, and his hope for the future of Clear Creek Community Church and the Egret Bay Campus.

He also shares the story of delivering his third child in his van in a Waffle House parking lot.

141: Talk to Your Kids About Sex

This generation of kids is inundated with images, pressure, and misinformation about sex.

They need guidance, honesty and truth – but having those conversations is intimidating, to say the least.

How can we talk to our kids about sex biblically and lovingly?

Rachel Chester discussing the importance of having these conversations with Lance Lawson, our Director of marriage and family ministries and Crystal Bruning, mother of 3 and a leader in student ministry.

140: Why Doesn’t My Kid Believe? — Youth and the Deconstruction of Faith

In our most recent series, Reclaiming [Your] Faith, we’ve been talking about what the Bible has to say about diversity, intellectualism, justice and sexuality.

For some, how they’ve seen those who follow Jesus respond to these issues has caused them to question, deconstruct, and even deconvert from Christianity.

On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen sat down with Kyle Mikulan to discuss what it means for someone to deconstruct their faith and how you can walk with someone who is going through that process.

139: Diversity of Belief in the Church

Even within the Christian faith, there are differing opinions on doctrines like baptism, leadership, and spiritual gifts.

How can we know what is of primary importance and what is secondary?

Should we even care about these differences?

In this episode, Rachel Chester talks with Yancey Arrington about the diversity of beliefs within Christianity and how we can faithfully strive for both truth and unity.

138: Legalism or Discipline?

What are spiritual disciplines?

What purpose do they serve?

On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Bruce Wesley about the spiritual disciplines that have been especially helpful in his spiritual life.

They also discuss some of the practices that don’t get mentioned as often, like fasting, meditation, and celebration.


137: Fertility Struggles and Motherhood

We love to celebrate and support moms on Mother’s Day, but this day can also be difficult.

For many, struggles with fertility are painful, prolonged, and so often lonely.

On this episode, Rachel talks with Bethany Lutz about her journey through infertility and motherhood–her anger, loneliness, and finally joy–and how God and his people carried her through.


Check out Aaron Lutz speak on this as well here:

136: Finding Time to Know God

Life is so busy. We need to slow down and we want to know God, but sometimes we don’t even know where to start.

On today’s episode, Rachel sits down with Shari McCormack, who leads the prayer team at the 528 campus and works with Go Local, to hear her experience and wisdom about how time and simple practices can profoundly impact our relationship with God and transforms our lives.

135: A Conversation with Aaron Lutz

If Aaron Lutz wasn’t the pastor of the East 96 Campus, what would he do?

How many home runs did he hit in high school?

What’s his favorite food?

On this episode Ryan Lehtinen talks with Aaron about his family, his passions, and his hope for the future of Clear Creek Community Church and the East 96 Campus.

He also shares his list of favorite restaurants in the Houston area.