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Marriage Matters: Date Night Ideas!

We have to learn to invest in our marriages. Like anything else we invest in, this requires thought and effort. One of the simplest and most powerful ways to invest in marriage is through intentional time together. Here are some date night ideas from our staff at Clear Creek Community Church for you to try […]

10 Ways to BLESS Your Top 5

At Clear Creek Community Church we talk often about having a Top 5, which is simply a list of five people we are praying would come to faith in Jesus. We like to use the BLESS acronym as we think about how to intentionally engage our Top 5. BLESS stands for Begin with prayer, Listen, […]

5 Ways to Pray for Your Top 5

So you’ve identified the five people you most want to see come to know Jesus, but… now what? When praying for those in your life who are far from God, where do you start? Here are five suggestions on where to begin: God is already at work in the lives of those you love. So, […]

Listening Well

Good relationships often start with a lot of listening. It’s hard to know someone if the only thing we’re focused on is being known. And so whether it’s a romantic relationship, a business partnership, or just a casual friendship, we build relational equity by taking the time to know the person sitting across from us. […]

5 Books We Recommend for 2023

Reading a great book can be transformative, whether its fictional, theological, devotional, or anything else! Reading a great book can also just be a great way to find quiet away from the hustle and chaos of modern, screen-centered life. We asked a few members of our church staff, “What was the best book you read […]

Christmas Day Liturgy

OPENING PRAYER God of Wonder and Unexpected Grace, We have come to bear witness to a miracle; to prepare our hearts for the dawn of the True Light; We have come once again to open our hearts to the divine birth of the One who became flesh and dwelt among us. In this sacred moment we […]

Genesis to Revelation: The Dwelling Place of God

Most of us are familiar with the content of Genesis 1 — “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Our kids have done crafts in Children’s Ministry depicting the pattern of creation described there. We also likely know the story of Genesis 3 with Adam and Eve, the snake and the tree, and […]