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Heart of the Song: Silent Night

I grew up thinking everything I heard in Christmas songs was literal. There really were nine reindeer and they pulled Santa’s sleigh in the exact order of the song we all sang together! And I really did need to watch out and not cry because Santa Claus had some level of magical surveillance and was […]


It’s early morning. The sun is peaking up over the trees and you can still see the morning mist as the dragonflies dance their way through the air. It’s quiet save for the birds calling back and forth to one another. The earth almost feels like it’s stretching its arms out and rubbing its eyes […]

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

There is a deep nostalgia I have wrapped in Christmas songs. I remember the huge stack of Christmas vinyl records that we would put on our family record player, letting them roll while the fire crackled in the fireplace. We’d listen to the classic carols and then also some really goofy songs that always made us […]