040: Elders – Shepherding the Church through Servant Leadership

Why do we have elders at Clear Creek? What do our elders actually do and how are they chosen? On this episode, Rachel Chester talks with Aaron Lutz and Dave Vanderweide about the biblical call for eldership and a glimpse into what this looks like at Clear Creek Community Church.




009: Planning a Message Series with Bruce Wesley and Yancey Arrington

Ryan Lehtinen sits down with Bruce Wesley and Yancey Arrington to discuss the process and people involved in taking an idea and developing it into a multi-week message series. They also give a sneak peak at some ideas in development for 2020.


006: On Rest: Lessons from a Sabbatical with Bruce Wesley

Yancey Arrington speaks with Bruce Wesley about his recent sabbatical, why rest should be important for all of us, and how we can leverage rhythms of rest in our lives.


The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan
Liturgy of the Ordinary by Alan Noble
The Reflective Life by Ken Gire
Them: Why We Hate Each Other – and How To Heal by Ben Sasse



Being overwhelmed changed Bruce Wesley, founder and senior pastor of Clear Creek Community Church. He was overwhelmed by the number of lost people in Houston, Texas, and by the vast Kingdom resources that never got utilized in the multiplication of disciples, churches and movements. Dr. Wesley was also overwhelmed by how long it takes and how much it costs to recruit, train, coach and resource a church planter to plant a church. How could the church reach so many with the gospel with so few resources when it takes so long to prepare one church planter? This question changed him from thinking about ministry like a golf team to thinking about ministry like a basketball team. It changed his ministry from an individual activity to a team sport. Bruce Wesley began to believe in collaboration. This book is his story and story of the dynamic Houston Church Planting Network.

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Preaching That Moves People

“This book isn’t a book of pragmatics but wisdom wrung from experience and the disciplined pursuit of God.” – Matt Chandler

Dr. Yancey Arrington says the reason many preachers don’t connect with their congregants isn’t because they haven’t thought through the message, but because they haven’t felt through it. In this practical guide for preachers of churches big and small, Arrington offers an innovative and effective paradigm based on his years of coaching preachers that brings the best to bear in both the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of the preaching event. Be prepared to better preach in a way that moves people!

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