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Come To Him

As we embark on our 28 Days of Prayer, I hope you’re joining in. Prayer plays a crucial role in our relationship with God, but it can be intimidating. Many of us feel some trepidation, uncertainty, or confusion when we think about prayer. We may feel convicted of a lack of desire to pray. We […]

Be Angry and Do Not Sin

One hundred percent of us get angry. No one is exempt. And when we get angry,  bad things often happen. So, we find it shocking that the Bible says to be angry. Be angry and do not sin… – Ephesians 4:26a Anger is not always bad, and we know this because God himself gets angry. […]

Which Political Party is Right?

Political issues in election years raise our blood pressure and hijack our dinner conversations. But that’s because we care about issues and the future of our country. Another conversation that regularly surfaces in this season is whether a local church should be political. In some churches, candidates stand at the pulpit and make promises to […]

A Prayer of Lament

In week 2 of the Good Grief message series, I talked about the essential elements of lament: Turn to God Tell him how you feel Ask him for help Declare your trust in him (Click here to watch the service online) As I’ve been processing and trusting in God in this season, I wrote this […]