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‘Tis the Party Season

The same thing happens to me every year on Christmas morning. I’m awake very early. I sit with some coffee and listen to “Behold the Lamb of God,” and read the Christmas story in Luke. Then I start thinking about all the people I know and love who are in the grips of profound sadness, […]

Time to Love

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.” David Ausberger One of the first gifts Jesus gave to the downtrodden and marginalized people he met was the kindness of hearing them. That is why he asked so many questions. That is why he answered so many […]

Long Road of Obedience

We see it recorded throughout the Bible. It is in the long-suffering of the people of Israel, the wisdom of Ecclesiastes, and the personal reflections of Paul. It is the yearning voiced in many Psalms and in the cries of the saints in Revelation. It is part of the fabric of Scripture, and yet, when […]

Those Who Mourn

Take a moment to think about the struggles of these different people. A single mom. She is working, raising kids, keeping up with the bills and the chores, and continually racing against the school schedule. The grind never stops. It is all day every day — and it is unrelentingly hard. A woman caring both for […]

Grit, Grime, and Gratitude

We have a rug next to the tub in our bathroom that is fluffy and white. Very fluffy and very white. I dropped something on it the other day and it just disappeared into the fluff. I searched and searched. I raked the rug with my fingers but all I could find was white rug. […]

Who to Trust

I remember the way I felt some years ago, the first time I watched our teenage son drive away on his own. Part of me was jumping for joy at getting out of the transportation business, but part of me wanted to scream, “I’m sorry world! Everyone look out!” It was a clarifying moment because […]

It’s Viral

Kay and I, like many other people, have been taking a lot of walks the last few weeks. It’s been fun and it’s been a bit strange because there are times when so many people are strolling it almost looks like a parade. Everyone walking in the street – keeping a polite distance – walking […]