035: The Blessings and Dangers of Technology When Everything Goes Online

People have been forced to connect using technology now more than ever. Overnight, what could only be experienced “offline” had to be moved “online”—engaging in the life of the church, connecting with friends and family, and going to work or school. Everything is online now, at least temporarily. On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Aaron Lutz and Lance Lawson about how the technology that makes this possible is a blessing, but it’s limitations and dangers still exist. They also discuss what they hope to learn personally and as a church from this season.


The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

Disruptive Witness by Alan Noble

“Normal Again, Thanks to COVID-19” (Article)


024: Legacy – Living Life to Maximize Significance

What do you hope people will say about you at your funeral? When we’re gone, more important than any possessions we might have acquired, we leave behind a legacy. On this episode, Ryan Lehtinen talks with Bruce Wesley and Mark Carden about what legacy really is and how their purpose and ambitions have been refined over time.


Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance by Bob Buford

Living a Life on Loan by Rick Rushaw and Eric Swanson