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Camp is over and now your student may be asking questions like “How do I continue to grow in my faith?” or “How do I live out my faith in the world around me?”

Check out this video for four tips to help you journey with your student after camp.

Who Should I Marry?

This question is often asked as people are looking for Mr. Right or Miss Perfect.

We want to believe that God has this perfect person out there for us to marry and there is a lot of pressure trying to decide who is the one.

Do I Need to Get Baptized Again?

This is a commonly asked question, but to answer it we first have to define what baptism is.

Check out this video to hear the loaded answer.

Why Do We Take The Lord’s Supper?

There’s many different backgrounds and traditions about the Lord’s Supper, but it is one of the most central and sacred things we do together as followers of Christ.

Check out this video to find out why!

Mercies (Great Is Your Faithfulness)

Mercies (Great Is Your Faithfulness) is an adaptation of Lamentations chapter three.

It’s a song that recounts the faithfulness of God through every season of life.

It’s a song to the God who has and always will keep his promises to us in Jesus.

Starting a Prayer Life

Prayer can feel intimidating and overwhelming, not knowing where to start, but here are three ways to help you begin praying today!

Global Missions Here at Clear Creek Community Church

Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and we believe the local church is God’s redemptive agent that he will use in the world for people to come to know him.

Do I Have to be Baptized?

Do I have to be baptized?

The answer is no and yes, but if that’s frustrating to you, check out this video to learn the loaded answer.


Serve One Another as We Serve the Lord

So much of what happens around here seems to get done by some invisible force.

People here at Clear Creek serve in a variety of different ways which can be visible to many or invisible to most.

How To Invest in Your Marriage This Summer

What if this was the best summer of your marriage?

Check out this video for three simple ways you can intentionally invest in your marriage.