198: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Suicide?

Suicide is the leading cause of death for children ages 10-14 and teens 14-19.

In this episode, Rachel Chester talks with Lindsey Lehtinen and Sarah Cook about how we can talk to our kids about this terrible reality, have continuing conversations about hard things, and help our kids find hope in the darkest places.

More resources:

Talking to Loved One Who is Suicidal


197: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Sex (and Porn)?

Sex is one of those topics that is ubiquitous in our culture, but can be incredibly intimidating to discuss with our kids.

Pornography is a billion dollar industry and almost impossible to shield our kids from completely.

How do we approach these topics with our kids?

In this episode, Ted Ryskoski talks with Lindsey Lehtinen and Kevin Hester about how we can talk to our kids about the beauty of God’s gift of sex and the reality of how it can be distorted and dangerous in our broken world.


196: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Bullies?

We all hope for kind kids, but the reality is that bullying is everywhere, and its really hard when it happens to your child.

How do we teach our kids to respond when they see bullying?

How do we talk to our kids if they are the one being mean?

In this episode, Rachel Chester talks with Lance Lawson and Susan Wesley about this tough topic.


195: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Others (Religions, Politics, Beliefs)?

Our culture is becoming more pluralistic all the time and Christian lives look purposefully different as well.

In this episode, Rachel Chester talks with Yancey Arrington and Ryan Lehtinen about how we can talk to our kids about those who believe and live differently, in a way that models gospel love.

194: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Big Emotions?

It’s difficult to understand and control our own emotions sometimes, but what about our kids?

How can we discuss and model emotions in a way that honors God and love our kids well?

In this episode, Tiffany Ravedutti talks with Tara Warner, Clinical Director of LifeTree Counseling Center, about these questions and more.


Camp is over and now your student may be asking questions like “How do I continue to grow in my faith?” or “How do I live out my faith in the world around me?”

Check out this video for four tips to help you journey with your student after camp.

178: How Do I Talk to My Spouse?

Communication in marriage really matters!

On this episode, Aaron & Bethany Lutz sit down with Tanner & Erin Smith to talk about the practicality of communication in marriage.

If marriage is meant to be a reflection of the gospel, how do we communicate in ways that honor our spouse and honor God?

177: Anchor Point – Giving Families Hope

No one is beyond hope: that is the vision behind AnchorPoint, which provides education and empowerment to parents.

On this episode, Rachel Chester talks with Debbie Simmons, founder and CEO of AnchorPoint, and Amanda Ring, Executive Director of Hope Community, about the many ways AnchorPoint comes alongside parents from prenatal care, parent education classes, financial planning, and much more, in their effort to value life and provide tangible hope for all types of families.


02: Camp at Clear Creek – Partnering with Parents

Summer camps at Clear Creek Community Church have a huge impact on the kids that attend and their faith journey.

Kyle Mikulan sits down with Nicole Morris and Cody Mather to talk about Creek Kids Camp and Camp Creek (Jr. high and high school), the people it takes to make camps happen, the generosity of our church, and the reason that we put such a value on going to camp.


01: Why Family Matters — Partnering with Parents

While no two families are the same, God has a high value for family.

In this episode, Kyle Mikulan sits down with Lance Lawson to discuss why family is so important, what God tells us about family, and practical things that we can do as parents to help our kids know that we are invested in them and their devotion to Christ.