016: Launching a Church Planting Partnership in Brazil with Chris Nelson and Priscilla Hartranft

During the To The Ends of The Earth message series, Go Global Director and Campus Pastor of the Clear Lake Campus, Karl Garcia, sat down with Chris Nelson and Priscilla Hartranft who recently returned from Brazil. They discuss Clear Creek’s new church planting partnership in Brazil and how people can get involved.



Go Global – Clear Creek Community Church

014: A Leap Into the Unknown – Planting a “Parachute” Church with Justin Fordinal

In October 2019, Clear Creek Community Church hosted an Acts 29 Church Planting Mini-Conference. During the event, CCCC East 96 Campus Pastor Aaron Lutz sat down with Justin Fordinal, church planter and Lead Pastor of Bridge Point Community Church in Cypress, TX. Bridge Point just celebrated five years since their launch in 2014, and they have a desire to reach the Cypress area and see more churches planted around the world.




Bridge Point Community Church (Cypress, TX)
“Why Plant Churches” by Tim Keller
Acts 29
Houston Church Planting Network (HCPN)