078: Should I Delete Facebook?

It’s no secret that we’re coming off one of the most turbulent social media stretches in history. With COVID, the presidential election, racial tension, and censorship along with all everything else people like to argue about like religion, sports, and reality TV, the once wondrous world of social media feels more like a battleground. The more we learn about how these apps work, the more wary we become, and we’re left wondering if they still have a place in our lives, not to mention on our devices. On this episode, Jon Coffey sits down with Clear Creek Community Church Digital Communications Director, Jon Crump, to discuss the state of social media and how we, as Christians, can glorify God with our relationship with it.


The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age by Tony Reinke

Disruptive Witness: Speaking Truth in a Distracted Age by Alan Noble