Gospel-Centered Life: A Study of Galatians (Study Guide)

Surely you’ve seen it or maybe even experienced it yourself. People become followers of Jesus, immediately they get excited about God, and initially their lives experience much joy, peace, and power. But then, over time, those lives seem powerless again as they drift back into old ways of thinking and behaving. What happened? Could it be that they began to drift away from the truths about Christ and his work that are so critical in experiencing the life God desires for his people? How would a person know if that was the case? What truths about Jesus and his work must we always keep before us? In The Gospel-Centered Life: A Study of Galatians, Drs. Bruce Wesley and Yancey Arrington will guide you through the book of Galatians to help answer those questions and discover the key to a vibrant, lasting, and growing relationship with God – it’s the gospel-centered life! This small group study guide will lead participants to both study the book of Galatians and prepare them for discussion that intersects with The Gospel-Centered Life DVD. Each session is strategically structured to help develop good Bible study habits by intentionally following a three-step pattern: 1) Observation (WHAT does this passage say?) 2) Interpretation (WHAT does this passage mean?) 3) Application (HOW do I apply this passage to my life?) PLEASE NOTE: Study guide to be used with The Gospel-Centered Life: A Study of Galatians DVD and Leader Guide (each sold separately).

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