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Community: The Heartbeat of Christians

In C.S. Lewis’ allegorical story, The Great Divorce, Lewis depicts Hell as a place where the inhabitants are on a never-ending expansion away from God and each other. Early in the story we get to listen in on a conversation between two residents where this phenomenon is described: The trouble is that they’re so quarrelsome. […]

Waiting with Hope

Waiting is hard, isn’t it? I know it is for my kids when Christmas is coming! The lists are made, they are so hopeful, so excited, and not so patient. We’re rounding the corner towards the end of December, so it’s safe to say our Christmas trees are up, Christmas gifts have started to show […]

Blessed Are You Who Are Poor

A major theme found throughout the Bible is God’s concern for the poor and his anger at the rich’s complicity in their oppression and abuse. We see this concern in the laws of Moses (see Leviticus), in the prophets (see Amos), and directly from Jesus in the Gospels. The simple fact is that wealth can […]