In the Advent of Christ, we find LOVE. WEEK 2
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(includes children’s coloring sheets)


This devotional is designed to help you think about Advent themes during the entire month. There is one devotional reading for each Sunday of Advent. Choose a specific time each Sunday when you will do the devotion and try to stay consistent from week to week.

We encourage you to use an Advent Wreath or five candles to help provide a fun visual representation and reminder of each week’s content. Each devotion contains a passage of Scripture, a brief reflection on that passage, sample prayers to guide the prayers of children and adults, and hymns to sing together to give voice to your praises and longings. We’ve chosen these Christmas hymns to correspond with the devotion’s theme, but feel free to sing a song more familiar to your family.

Each weekly devotional also contains an illustration that can be colored by the children before or after you do the devotion. You may want to display these or send them to friends and family as a way to remember and celebrate the Advent season. 

We have also included readings from a various assortment of children’s Bibles (e.g., The Jesus Storybook Bible). Find the one your kids have and use it for the devotions. 

Our hope is that this Advent Devotional is fun and meaningful, and becomes a new tradition that helps your family remember that the Christmas season is ultimately about the Good News that Christ the King came to ultimately redeem us back to God.